Nochar has developed numerous environmental and waste handling products for the nuclear industry through its years of research in the industry. Nochar, Inc. of Indianapolis has created a series of high tech polymer technologies to solidify oil,organics aqueous, acids and bases. Nochar has created numerous polymer blends to treat highly complex waste streams generated throughout the nuclear complex. "N" Series Polymer provides a cost effective, high performance solution for a wide range of liquid waste problems. "N" Series technology provides long term stability even under high dose radiation, minimal volumetric increase, with minimal or no mixing. Nochar polymers have been utilized at numerous D.O.E. sites including Rocky Flats, Mound, Savannah River Site, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, INEEL and Hanford along with sites in the countries of Canada, Slovenia and Australia. International nuclear waste generators such as Russia, China, U.K., Romania, Japan, Czech Republic, South Africa, France and others are testing Nochar polymers for complex nuclear contaminated liquid waste.

Nochar polymers offer strong options for disposal and burial of the waste form. Solidified waste using Nochar polymer have met the criteria for long term burial at NTS, WIPP and Envirocare. Nochar polymers have also been certified incineratable and produces less than .02% ash.

Producing excellent TCLP results, this efficient and effective polymer is formulated to solidify oils, organics, solvents and other hydrocarbons into a solid mass for storage, transportation and disposal.
Formulated to bond acids, alkaline and contaminated aqueous waste, with or without radiological constituents, this product is effective at both low and high ph ranges, creating a solid matrix for storage, transportation and disposal.
This product contains blended polymers designed specifically for the production bonding of Ultimagold and toluene based scintillation fluids generated in medical and weapons laboratories.
Custom Blends
Nochar has worked with many sites throughout the D.O.E. to create polymer blends to target complex problem radioactive waste streams in order to provide one-step products, while maintaining strict ALARA standards.