N991 - Scint Bond™

General Description

nochar's N910™ is an elastomeric polymer designed to solidify oils, organics, hydrocarbons, and sludges into a solid disposable mass which has been accepted for burial at major sites including NTS, WIPP, Envirocare and other D.O.E. sites.

Nochar discovered thru field applications that Legacy and long telln stored liquid waste contains some percentage of water. This aqueous portion in the waste is a direct result of condensation in storage conditions, original processing of the waste and other conditions both foreseen and unexpected. When this occurs (as it usually does), Nochar recommends the addition of N960 Acid Bond to handle the aqueous portion of the waste.

N910 Petro Bond and N960 Acid Bond have been successfully combined to solidify oganic wastes combined with water at numerous D.O.E. and International sites.

Packaging Options

  • 40 pound (18.2 kg) drums
  • 1000 pound (454 kg) bulk box
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