Fire Suppressants

Fire is the largest single cause of property damage and loss in the United States annually. The United States has over fifty billion dollars ($50,000,000,000) in property losses every year. Through its diligent efforts and product performance, Nochar has become the company of choice for fire safety in historic perservation.

Nochar was formed in 1986 to market and distribute a fire retardant. Today, Nochar manufactures not only fire retardants, but temporary and permanent flame resistant coatings, a heat barrier paste, and a fire suppressant gel.

Each of these products are considered state of the art and the best of available technology.

Concentrated liquid that when dispensed thru eduction systems will act as a heat transfer barrier on all types of surfaces and will minimize direct or radiant heat transfer to adjoining surfaces.
Fire Preventer
Water-based fire retardant for use in reducing the flammability of natural fiber materials such as wood, paper and textiles.
Liquid sealer coating used to fire retard and to reduce heat transfer on natural and synthetic surfaces, such as flexibleand existing rigidfoam, wood, metal and fabrics.