Fire Preventer  ("NFP")

General Description

“NFP” is the initial product that launched nochar, Inc. in 1986. “NFP” is a water-based fire retardant for use in reducing the flammability of natural fiber materials such as wood, paper and textiles. “NPF” is used extensively in both new and existing buildings to increase the fire resistance of the structures.

“NFP” is non-toxic, non-skin irritant, non-eye irritant and biodegradable. This flame retardant has been tested under ASTM sanctioned test protocols by third party testing laboratories. Tests have been performed on all species of wood commonly used in construction, as well as other natural fiber materials. The use of “NFP” allows builders and manufacturers to meet and exceed building codes.

“NFP” has been used to treat wall studs, roof rafters, roof decks, attic areas and other plenum areas, wood flooring, wood shingles, wool carpeting and draperies – to list a few applications. The plethora of applications find themselves distributed over a diverse range of industries, including single family dwellings, barns, storage sheds, manufacturing facilities, historic buildings, covered bridges, restaurants, exhibit displays, grassy fields for parking, cotton and wool work uniforms, dried brush and vegetation, shipping and storage crates, furniture, and amusement parks. “NFP” is also used extensively to treat sawdust during construction.

Additional information can be found on the Fact & MSDS PDFs listed on this under the Resource column. Also, please feel free to contact us for any additional information.


  • Weighs 8.8 pounds per gallon of pre-mixed retardant
  • May be applied via airless spraying (300 sq. ft. per gallon), brush or roller (150 sq. ft. per gallon), and pressurization (500 sq. ft. per gallon - using fogging method)
  • 1.05 specific gravity
  • Volatizes at 90 Farenheit
  • PH - 7.1 - 7.7 (slightly corrosive to metals)
  • No toxicity

Packaging Options

  • One gallon
  • Five gallon
  • Fifty five gallon
  • Three hundred thirty gallon
  • Bulk-size shipping containers, trailers and tank cars
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