Environmental - Acid & Alkaline Bonding Agents

The goal of every major industrial complex is to reach zero discharge of any hazardous liquid or solid. In the past, this goal could only be reached through the installation of expensive and complex systems for incineration and waste treatment. The A600 series environmental products are designed to accomplish stabilization and minimization. Each product is designed to solve one or more problems for environmental protection. The products are needed anywhere hazardous chemicals are produced, transported or handled - including petroleum, acid and alkaline materials. Small marinas and service stations all the way to oil refineries and nuclear power plants use Nochar’s products and technologies.

Stabilization and minimization are the two key principals to reducing the risk of costly remediation, and economic cleanup and disposal. The environmental protection products listed below offer an effective, viable solution to the treatment of spills hazardous to the environment.

Dry powder material for immobilizing acid-based spills. The product is suitable to bond or congeal the spill to slow or stop the spread of the liquid.