Biological Hazards

The goal of every major industrial complex is to reach zero discharge of any hazardous liquid or solid. In the past, this goal could only be reached through the installation of expensive and complex systems for incineration and waste treatment. These biohazard products are designed to accomplish stabilization and minimization. Each product is designed to solve one or more problems for environmental protection. The products are needed anywhere potentially infectious materials (blood, urine, vomit, etc.) may be generated. Not just hospitals, shopping malls,schools or universities will benefit from this product, but any public space where people gather and biological fluids may present a risk.

Stabilization and minimization are the two key principals to reducing the risk of costly remediation, and economic cleanup and disposal. These products provide such an effective, viable solution.

Dry granular material used to immobilize bodily fluids, blood, urine and vomit spills. A680 will bond the liquid and reduce the possibility of being contaminated by splashing, spilling or splatters.