A680 - BIO-HAZ Bond

General Description

nochar’s A680 BIO-HAZ Bond™ bonding agent is an environmentally friendly solidifier of bodily fluids (blood borne pathogens), urine and vomit. The Code of Federal Regulations, as published in the Federal Register Vol. 56, No. 235, Part 1910 (amended) Subpart Z (amended) Section 1030 states that blood borne pathogens, which include human blood, blood components, products made from blood, and all other body fluids are potentially infectious materials and must therefore be handled and disposed of as Regulated Waste. This section also requires employers having employees with occupational exposure to develop and maintain a written Exposure Control Plan. This plan includes exposure determination, procedures, and housekeeping requirements. nochar's A680 BIO-HAZ Bond™ can help reduce the risk of exposure and contamination by changing the liquid fluids in solidified form, thus reducing the potential for splashing, spilling, or splattering.

nochar’s A680 BIO-HAZ Bond™ is also designed to solidify urine spills and vomit. Educational and transportation personnel can use A680™ as a very fast acting solidifier which has been formulated to also reduce the odor of these spills immediately by adding a pleasant scent that is activated during the bonding process. This will help reduce the domino effect in vomiting situations.


  • One pound equals 34 cubic inches
  • Pick-up ratio varies with the type of fluid being absorbed
  • .68 specific gravity
  • PH - neutral
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Disposal should be in accordance with federal, state & local laws
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